Glo Dental | Sports Guards and Injury Prevention

Four Key Features & Benefits

Protect Teeth Structure

Preventing tooth loss and chipping with maximum oral protection. Ideal for strength training and contact sports.


Optimal Oxygen Flow

Seattle athletes of all ages maintain optimal oxygen levels and unobstructed airflow.

Maximum Comfort

Glo Sports Guard’s custom fit and unique design allows for maximum comfort and injury prevention.


Each guard is personalized with your preferred color, identification and logo. Providing identity and value competitors cannot deliver.

Custom Fit for Athletes of All Ages

Glo Sports Guards are custom fit for patients and Seattle athletes of all ages. The aero dynamic design allows for an optimal balance between lasting, complete oral injury prevention and unobtrusive protection. Athlete’s will experience optimal airflow when performing at their highest levels and will hardly notice the mouth guard after a few uses.

We’ve partnered with Gladiator Mouthguards® to provide the latest and most proven solution to our patients. The Gladiator® is engineered precisely to fit an athlete’s teeth making it more comfortable than any other mouthguard. The Gladiator’s patented cut design guarantees 100% compliance, coupled with maximum protection.

Every Gladiator is personalized with your color, identification and logo. This gives your Gladiator an identity and value others cannot deliver.

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