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General and Family Dentistry

At Glo, we welcome patients of all ages into our practice. Dr. Winn and the Glo team offer a number of preventive and general dental care options for you and your family.

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Glo Sports Guards

Glo Sports Guards provide optimal protection, clear oxygen flow and maximum comfort to patient’s and athletes of all ages.

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Advanced Preventative Care

Root Canal Therapy, Scalling and Root Planning and Non-Surgical Periodontal Care are examples of advanced preventative care provided by the Glo Dental team.

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General | Family Dentistry

Dr. Ronald Winn offers a comprehensive variety of general and preventive dental care options, designed to help you and/or your family maintain optimal oral health, address current dental issues and prevent future problems before they develop into more serious conditions.

Our team is committed to providing you with the safest, most advanced treatment techniques and technology available. We also want you to feel as comfortable as possible during treatment.

At Glo we treat our patient’s like family!

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Glo Sports | Injury Prevention

We create personalized sports mouthguards for athlete’s of all types and ages. Sports guards can be crucial in reducing the impact from a sudden blow to the mouth and preventing tooth loss, bleeding and/or chipping. Each guard is designed with durable material to maintain optimal oxygen flow.

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Advanced Preventative Care

Dr. Winn’s experience extends the patient’s ability to pursue advanced preventative dental care options. The primary categories for this type of care and treatment include:

  • Rooth Canal Therapy
  • Scalling and Root Planning
  • Non-Surgical Periodontal Care

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Preventative Care Consultation

Please click below or call (206) 456-6263 to schedule a complimentary preventative care consultation with Dr. Winn

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