When people think about or ask us about orthodontics, Invisalign® has quickly surpassed traditional Braces as the most popular and preferred option. To date, over 3 million patients have chose Invisalign® and benefited from the most advanced orthodontic system in the world. It’s no coincidence that Glo Dental has chosen to become a preferred provider of Invisalign® and believe it’s important our patients fully understand the benefits and treatment options available.

In last few years Invisalign® has become more affordable to patients, which has resulted in increased payment options and more flexible treatment plans. It combines cosmetic benefits like it’s clear, comfortable and aesthetically preferred design (over traditional braces) and delivers lasting functional benefits like correcting alignment of the teeth, reduced plaque buildup and increased gum health. Invisalign® also allows for the patient to remove the device at any time and is virtually pain free. Similar to traditional braces, Invisalign® models are custom fit for patients of all ages. Despite all the benefits and patient preference for Invisalign®, it may not always be the most effective orthodontic solution.

Traditional braces tend to be a more effective treatment option for complex cases and in most cases, can close gaps and improve teeth alignment faster than Invisalign®. The removable feature of Invisalign® can actually work as a detriment to alignment to certain patients. Traditional braces can also be more effective when correcting a patients abnormal bite and again, speeding up the treatment timeline.

As a rule of thumb, when choosing between Invisalign® and traditional Braces as an orthodontic solution, the most effective option will always be determined upon professional evaluation by a dentist. Specific needs will be determined during the evaluation and a personalized treatment plan will be drafted to effectively meet the needs of each patient. Dr. Winn and the Glo Dental team have extensive experience providing both orthodontic solutions and are happy to assist you in the process of making the most educated and effective decision. Ready to get the process started?! Please contact us, or call (206) 456-6263 to schedule an evaluation.