Whether you’re a linebacker looking for an opposing running back, or a defenseman looking to check a right wing on the ice, Glo Sports has you 1000% covered.  Glo custom Sports Mouthguards provide athletes of all ages with a combination of industry leading oral protection and comfort. Our custom athletic Mouthguards feature 1000% more protection than any other competitor. When athletes are performing and competing at their highest level, they can ill afford any thoughts about preventing an oral injury or keeping their smile in intact. Rest easy and fearlessly brace for impact.

We’ve partnered with Gladiator Mouthguards® to deliver an industry leading preventative dental care solution to our patient athletes and teams, that keeps oral injury and tooth loss the furthest thing from their mind.

Custom athletic Mouthguards have made strides in popularity in recent years, in part due to advances in design and comfort. Mouth Guard design has become a part of a team’s and players uniform. Shark teeth, fangs and racing stripes are just a few of the almost endless combination of mouthguard design options Glo Sports can provide yourself and/or your team. Gladiator’s industry leading aero dynamic design allows us to provide athletes, teams and organizations the highest level of lasting balance between complete oral injury prevention and unobtrusive protection. Save a few trips to our office and a few teeth by booking an appointment at our West Seattle studio before the games begin!

At this point, cost might have crossed your mind. Well, you can save a little extra money for Seahawks tickets because Glo Dental places a priority on affordability and flexible financing options for patients, families and teams/organizations. We encourage our patient athletes, parents, families of young athletes and local teams/organizations to contact us regarding scheduling an evaluation/fitting, team orders and team discounts.

Please see the video’s below that showcase Gladiator Mouthguards® founder Bobbie Quinn discussing Lebron James’s choice of the All-Star custom mouthguard and recent advances in technology that promote the absolute best in personalization, protection and comfort. Visit our Sports Mouthguards page for more product details and patient information .