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New modern fillings preserve more of the natural tooth, so less repair work is necessary immediately and in the future. Today, more natural-looking and metal-free dental fillings are becoming the preferred approach. The three primary types of recommended fillings include:

  • Direct Fillings: Require small amounts of restorative materials being placed into cavities, resulting from decay
  • Semi-Direct Fillings: Repairing larger areas. These are similar to direct fillings, in that layers of resin are used, but this restoration can be removed and is set outside of the mouth
  • Indirect Fillings: Used when a very large or complex restoration is required. Basically when there is not enough healthy tooth left to fill, a restoration is created to replace most of the visible tooth, or to crown it. These are more involved procedures and cannot be made directly to the tooth and cannot be placed the same day

*Note: Each method has its own unique benefits and is best suited for a specific set of circumstances. Filling procedures should be chosen based on your dentist’s recommendation.

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