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From conventional braces to “invisible braces” (Invisalign®), Glo Dental Studio provide’s personalized, professional and long lasting Orthodontic solutions. Both ortho solutions contain various ranges in price and treatment length, and will vary by patient. During your initial orthodontic evaluation We’ll evaluate the position of your teeth, what factors caused them to arrive at their current position and what future movement may be needed so that your bite is fully functional. Dr. Winn has many years of experience providing pediatric dental care and the Glo Dental team offers patients of all ages a comprehensive variety of orthodontic care.

Clear orthodontic aligners (Invisalign) are an effective alternative to traditional braces, but are not for everyone. They may not be appropriate for patients with severe crowding or spacing. While the aligners can correct a mild malocclusion, patients with severe under-bites, overbites or cross-bites may require more advanced orthodontic treatment.

Please visit our West Seattle practice for an professional evaluation to determine whether Invisalign or more traditional orthodontic solution will be most effective for the treatment and care you need.

Professional Orthodontic Evaluation

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