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Product Features & Key Benefits


Correct Improper Bite

Painless and effective way to solve any alignment issues with your bite


Aligned Teeth=Oral Health

Aligned Teeth alleviate potential issues with: speech, chewing, jaw position and unwanted tooth wear

Easier Cleaning

Easier personal cleaning results in healthier teeth and gums

Enhance Confidence

Straight teeth and a revitalized smile enhances self-esteem and physical confidence

Glo Dental Invisalign


Glo Dental’s orthodontic solutions reflect the most modern advances in dental technology and procedures. Invisalign® reflects those features and has quickly become the most requested and popular orthodontic solution.

Our patients typically receive shorter treatment plans, fewer appointments and longer lasting solutions due to our team’s experience in the field and technical resources available.

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Clear orthodontic aligners (Invisalign®) are an effective alternative to traditional braces, but are not for everyone. They may not be appropriate for patients with severe crowding or spacing.

Braces provide an increased level of control in a smaller size and can be camouflaged to improve visual aesthetics.

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Glo Clear Braces

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