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When cosmetic bonding and tooth-colored fillings aren’t sufficient, dental inlays and onlays are recommended to reinforce tooth strength and integrity and promote stronger chewing. You can think of inlays and onlays as playing a cosmetic “middleman” role between fillings and crowns. When a tooth is too damaged for a filling(s) and/or bonding and the damage is not serious enough to require a crown, inlays and onlays provide a cost effective solution. Both are similar types of cosmetic dental restorations, most commonly made of porcelain. Despite their similarity, inlays and onlays cover different surface areas of the tooth.

A dental inlay fills the space in between rounded edges/cusps at the center of a tooth’s surface. A dental onlay covers one or more rounded eges/cusps and can expand to cover the entire biting surface of the tooth. It may be convenient to remember onlays as partial crowns. In most cases, dental inlays can be placed during a typical visit to the dentist, while onlays may need to be created first in a dental lab before placement.

Dr. Winn and our team are happy to guide you when deciding between tooth-colored fillings, dental inlays, onlays and porcelain crowns. We strongly recommend to act immediately and contact us when experiencing a dental or oral health issue. Waiting will only increase the chance of prolonged pain, discomfort and future potential for additional problems.

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