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2017’s Top Dental Trends – Dental Implants

You may have seen a particular cosmetic dentistry procedure on an infomercial lately. Rest easy, you're not just seeing things. Dental Implants have quickly become as popular a procedure as any in dentistry. As a part on an on-going series and theme, we're going to...

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Sweet Dreams | Treating Sleep Apnea

Zzzzzz...the power and benefits of great sleep cannot be underestimated. It's been proven that you can achieve a greater quality of overall health through a full night's sleep. In many cases, this can be a necessity for those with an active lifestyle. Unfortunately,...

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Incredible, Innovative, Invisalign®

When people think about or ask us about orthodontics, Invisalign® has quickly surpassed traditional Braces as the most popular and preferred option. To date, over 3 million patients have chose Invisalign® and benefited from the most advanced orthodontic system in the...

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Oral-B Genius 6000 | Product Review

In 2017, dental care and technology often go "hand-in-hand." It's vital that today's dental care products have the capability to blend smart phone integration, with the latest advances in modern dental care. Oral-B's latest electric toothbrush fits the mold by...

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