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Get to Know Glo | Virtual Office Tour

As a new business, we feel it's important for the community to get a first-hand perspective and preview of our new modern West Seattle dental office. Our team is excited to show Seattle who we are, what we have to offer patients and how we aim to partner with the...

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2017’s Top Dental Trends – Dental Implants

You may have seen a particular cosmetic dentistry procedure on an infomercial lately. Rest easy, you're not just seeing things. Dental Implants have quickly become as popular a procedure as any in dentistry. As a part on an on-going series and theme, we're going to...

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Sweet Dreams | Treating Sleep Apnea

Zzzzzz...the power and benefits of great sleep cannot be underestimated. It's been proven that you can achieve a greater quality of overall health through a full night's sleep. In many cases, this can be a necessity for those with an active lifestyle. Unfortunately,...

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Incredible, Innovative, Invisalign®

When people think about or ask us about orthodontics, Invisalign® has quickly surpassed traditional Braces as the most popular and preferred option. To date, over 3 million patients have chose Invisalign® and benefited from the most advanced orthodontic system in the...

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